Snowboarding teaching

Would you like to try something new? Try snowboarding! This popular winter sport will bring joy to your life.
Our instructors will playfully manage this too.

snowboard-113784Maximal number of people in group – 8
Teaching can be executed individually or in group.
There is being used special methodics for teaching as well as specially trained instructors.
You will be able to ride down the slope without major issues already after several lessons!

Individual teaching is suitable for children from age of 4 years.
Group teaching is suitable from age of 6 years and more.

Advice for snowboarding introduction:
1. Purchase of snowboard: you should take into consideration:
– level of your skills
– your weight
– your height and foot size
– choice of terrain for riding

2. Snowboard´s length
- snowboard should reach your chin
– shorter snowboard for Freestyle (it is easier to do the tricks)
– more advanced riders can use even longer snowboard

3. Snowboard´s width
– depends of snowboard´s type and your foot size
– toes and heels can´t protrude over edges

Wide snowboards are suitable for riding in powder, for jumping/freestyle (rider has better stability). On the other hand, narrow snowboards are suitable for carving and fast ride at pistes.

Which leg is supposed to be our front leg on snowboard?

– it is always a leg which you use in front for sliding at ice – it is also a jumping-off leg.          Regular: left leg in front
Goofy: right leg in front

So no worries anymore and hurray for snowboarding! :)